Cowspiracy: Fuck the Man, Save the Planet!

Hey y’all! I’m a little late to the game but I’m here to spread the word about a bold, important documentary that is trying to make it’s way into the world: Cowspiracy.

Cowspiracy Documentary

There has long been frustration among vegans that our environmentalist brothers and sisters don’t seem to recognize or accept a plant-based diet as the best way to help our ailing planet. I knew an environmental engineer who modified his car to run on bio-diesel and would leave poop in his toilet in order to conserve water by flushing less often, who also reveled in the consumption of animal products.

I started my journey into veganism in large part because of the environmental impact of producing animal products. Once I knew the devastating effect that meat, poultry, fish and dairy production was wreaking on the planet, I simply couldn’t contribute to the destruction anymore. I’m still shocked when I mention the environment among my reasons for staying vegan and am met with a blank look.

Welp. Cowspiracy intends to shed light on the reason why so many people are unaware the eating meat isn’t just “a personal choice.” Turns out, to no one’s surprise, that the meat industry has invested considerable money and power into keeping this subject out of the mouths of top environmental leaders.

Cowspiracy has faced great adversity in it’s efforts to make it out to audiences. Because of this, Producers Kip Andersen (Animals United Movement) and Keegan Kuhn (First Spark Media) have started a successful Indiegogo campaign to get funding to show the film that they made at their own expense. If you have a few bucks to spare, they have a stretch goal that seems within reach, which would allow them to dub the film in different languages and add an international tour, to spread the word globally.

Kip and Keegan aim to make Cowspiracy as big and revolutionary as Blackfish, and I think they can do it. The trailer shows a film that is slick and well edited, on a topic that has never been tackled in this way before. I support them in saying, “Fuck the man, Save the planet!” (my words, not theirs!). It’s high time everyone learn exactly what our out-of-control animal product consumption is doing to our home, and we need our top environmentalist figures to be unafraid of speaking the truth: we simply cannot heal or halt the damage that’s been done without embracing environmentalism by way of veganism.



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