STACKED: A project to teach kids to feed the world out of a bus!

Hi friends! I wanted to take time today to tell you about a project that a friend of mine, Jonathan Zaidman, is doing with his organization, The 1to1 Movement.

The project is called STACKED, and it’s one of the coolest ideas evah! Instead of yammering on about it, I’ll let this informative graphic do the talking for me (click on the image to make it larger):

STACKED Project Overview

As you can see, STACKED is planning to make sustainability education mobile. The idea of repurposing a really cool old bus to run on bio-diesel and be a rolling lab of learning for kids makes me ecstatic.

Rebuilding Communal Learning

I truly feel that we’ve lost something in this country. We’ve lost a sense of community, and the tradition of passing things down to our children. I know a lot of my friends’ parents didn’t teach them how to cook or do laundry, and a lot of my friends with kids now feel burnt out and stressed, so it’s easier to just do things themselves than teach their kids how. This means that we’re not ingraining these things into our children, and then they grow up to be people who are afraid to cook, afraid to fail, afraid to try.

I love the idea that this magical bus could roll up to schools all over Southern California and get kids’ hands in the dirt, get them seeing life spring from a seed, to feel like magicians because they’ve done something they thought impossible, or never thought about at all. It’s proven that when you allow kids to participate in the process, they become more open and engaged.

Kids care. A LOT. I have a lot of friends who work with children, and my teacher friends are bad-asses. They tell kids about pollution, our food-system, the dangers of consumerism, the truth about why they are vegan. And guess what? Their kids are riveted. They care. They want to know more. They want to help.

Donate to the Bus!

If you are like me and you think this is an amazing project, please consider making a donation to help 1to1 bring this dream to life. I have a STACKED fundraiser page over on, go check it out!

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Sunday Funny: Humane vs Cruel, a Practice in Cognitive Dissonance

Is it humane or cruel? It depends!

So funny how it changes based on the animal, especially when it’s pig versus dog. I went to Farm Sanctuary recently and hung out with some pigs and was shocked by how much they are like dogs. I knew they were smart, but they are also snuggly and love belly rubs and treats. The only difference between the two animals is our arbitrary determination that one is a pet and one is food.

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6,000 Pounds of Freedom! California Family Grows Copious Amounts of Food on 1/10 of an Acre

My sister sent me this video on Facebook and now I’m obsessed with securing a 1/10 acre of land, a tiny solar-powered house and a man who knows how to grow things (…because I’m literally the worst at growing plants!):

The Dervaes family lives in Los Angeles and manages to grow 6,000 pounds of food on a tiny 1.10 plot of land. They have solar panels for power, and most of the appliances they use are work-powered. They eat a vegetarian diet, eating only what they grow, and they grow enough to sell $20,000 worth to local chefs to use in their restaurants. The food is all organic, over 400 varieties of plants thrive here without the use of synthetic chemicals.

I love Mr. Dervaes message: “Be careful. If you go down this path, you’ll experience radical freedom!” I also love the wife telling the journalist that if it’s not in season, “then we don’t eat it!”

The family is very honest that this lifestyle takes a lot of work and requires the participation of all family members to make it viable. The way farming used to be! This should prove that we could feed the country if we stop factory and conventional farming and focus on small local organic farms to provide for each community – these farms would create jobs and help communities provide for themselves. The farmers would have a close relationship with their communities and everyone would know where they’re food was coming from.

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Gene Bauer on The Daily Show!!!

I was thrilled to discover on Facebook today that Gene Bauer of Farm Sanctuary was interviewed on The Daily Show!!!:


He did a kick-ass job, and I’m so happy that Jon Stewart allowed him to make some amazing points even though he had to get in the obligatory vegan jokes. I’m also impressed that Jon Stewart seemed to be quite supportive and even promotional of veganism, despite his meat and dairy jokes.

This signals to me major changes in the way the world looks at veganism. I was so happy to hear the audience roar in support of Gene. I’m sure they were his friends or vegans who knew he was going to be on there, but it still was amazing to hear.

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