LivWell Vegan Protein Powder Review

Recently, the good folks at LivWell sent me some samples of their vegan protein powder to try.

LivWell Discount Code

LivWell is a new company, established in 2014 with the goal of distributing tasty, highly digestible, healthy sources of plant protein to people who care about what goes in their bodies. They use all organic ingredients, and their packaging is made from 100% recycled craft paper and are totally reusable.

The first thing I noticed when I received my samples is that the ingredients listed on the back of the packet are all high quality ingredients, and foods that I use regularly in my smoothies:

LivWell Protein Powder Ingredients

I used the Vanilla Bean flavor in a smoothie with coconut milk, nectarines and berries:

Coconut Berry Smoothie with LivWell Protein

I didn’t notice a strong flavor from the powder, which was just fine by me. I hate, as I’ve written about often, the fake sweet taste of most protein powders that rely on too much stevia. This powder was able to disappear into the background of a fresh flavorful smoothie, adding nutrition without overpowering my whole food ingredients.

Coconut Berry Shake with LivWell Protein

The Raw Cacao flavor was mixed into some flax milk and blended with ice. It was a very subtle flavor – again, I like that because I tend to add powders to smoothies and am ok with them not overpowering everything – the chocolate taste was very mild. As advertised, I didn’t experience any bloating or trouble digesting after using these packets, and I felt very good knowing that I was ingesting high quality ingredients.


This might not be the best pick for someone looking for a strongly flavored powder to liven up their non-dairy milk, but for people like me who want high quality ingredients that don’t overpower their smoothies, LivWell Vegan Protein Powder is a great choice.

Coupon Code

New customers get a discount! Use the LivWell coupon code “NEWLIVWELL1″ at checkout to get 25% off of your first order!

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YOGABODY® Liquid Energy-B: Vegan Liquid B12 Supplement – Quick Review

Hey kids!

I wanted to pop on real quick and give a lightening-fast product recommendation for a supplement that I was recently sent to review: YOGABODY® Liquid Energy-B: Vegan Liquid B12 Supplement. This supplement is made with methylcobalamin, which is a highly absorb-able form of B12, and it tastes amazingly of gentle cinnamon.

Yogabody Naturals liquid b12 supplement

If you are looking for a B12 supplement and you want something that is not a pill, this stuff is the jam! Put a dropper full under your tongue, hold for 30 seconds, and swallow! Easy peasy and delicious :)

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Vegan Hack: Brown Rice & Edamame

My company just had their annual conference, which means I was running around a hotel for 12-ish hours a day like a maniac. I knew the first day of setting up and testing would be hard, because I didn’t have my room yet, which means no fridge and thus no food. I figured out a nifty way to bump up any ol’ salad with tons of fiber and protein that you can keep in your purse/bag:

Brown Rice and Edamame

Brown rice and edamame! This mix has mild flavors that can go with anything, plus it’s incredibly filling. I’ve been eating this for breakfast with peanut sauce and it keeps me full for HOURS. The “hack” here is that you can use frozen edamame, mix it into cooked brown rice, and it will keep cool in your purse, bag or car until you need it.

I used a snack size baggie to get a perfect portion of this mixed with peanuts and sesame oil, stored it in my purse until we finally broke for lunch, and then added this to one of the only things I could eat at the hotel restaurant: a salad.

Beautiful Salad

The salad came with a lemon Dijon vinaigrette that paired with the brown rice and edamame perfectly. I added avocado to the meal, and it kept me full well into the night, right up until I was able to go grab a late dinner.

This is a great thing to have on-hand for traveling, or even just for situations where you know it will be hard to find something satisfying to eat (think, business lunches or meals with the vegan unfriendlies).

What’s your favorite travel tip?

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Vegan Chicken Salad Recipe

I’m at my company’s national conference right now, and I needed some easy, high-protein, high-fiber dishes to sustain me through long days and vegan unfriendly buffets. This is something I threw together and it ended up being amazing, so I just had to share! The Beyond Chicken doesn’t have the best texture for chicken salad on it’s own, so I added chickpeas to the mix and voila! Perfection.

Vegan Chicken Salad

10-12 Beyond Chicken strips, any flavor
1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
3 tbsp vegan mayo (I love Vegenaise and Just Mayo brands)
1 tbsp whole grain mustard
1-2 dill pickles, diced small OR 1 tbsp dill pickle relish
1 stalk celery, diced small
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp chili flakes (optional)

Put the Beyond Chicken strips and the drained chickpeas in a food processor and pulse until chopped but not blended, you want some mushy-ness but not blended. If you don’t have a food processor, you can chop the strips into small bits, and smash the chickpeas with a potato masher until most are broken and some are mushed.

Put everything in a big bowl and mix well. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed.

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