Garden Grill in San Diego Brings the Yum

Que-sa-dillas saved my life!
- me, singing to the tune of Hip-Hop Saved My Life (hey, wait, where is everyone going??? Guys, come back!)

Garden Grill at the Hillcrest F armers Market in San Diego

Garden Grill Menu Board of Yum-ness

Garden Grill Chick'n Sandwich, Steak n' Cheese, Quesadilla

There’s a new booth in town, baby. Garden Grill has opened up at the Hillcrest farmers market in San Diego and it is a very, very good thing.

In Garden Grill’s own words: all ingredients are 100% plant based Vegan. No MSG, no GMOs, no refined oils or sweeteners. They use local organic ingredients whenever possible.

To that, I’ll add that I’ve had the opportunity to get to know the owner, Joseph Aguirre, a little bit and he’s a really cool guy – a genuine, passionate vegan who wants to spread the love through quality vegan food. His staff at the stand are warm, friendly people that I love talking to every week. It’s the kind of place you feel good about spending your money at and the kind of place you look forward to going to because of the entire experience, not just the food.

I’ve had the pleasure of sampling a lot of the food on the menu and it’s all scrumptious, but for me the highlights are the crispy chick’n sandwich, the breakfast tacos and the quesadillas.

Dear lord, the quesadillas. They are running them as a special right now, made with squash blossoms, carmelized onions and two kinds of magical sauce on top. A friend and I had just been talking about how much we missed quesadillas since going vegan, and then come along Garden Grill’s quesadillas, like a wedge-shaped piece of heaven fallen to Earth. Dramatic? Perhaps. But, I tell you, I almost cried with joy at the first bite :)

So, if you are a local or find yourself in San Diego on a Sunday, get over to Garden Grill and smash some heavenly vegan yumness in your face.

Peace babies,