Changes at VeganSpin

Hey kids! I know I’ve been silent for the last little while, things in my life have been crazy (in a good way!). As you may know, I’ve started a podcast, Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack! Podcast, with a dear friend and it’s going really well! However, it’s been eating up a lot of my time that I used to use for blogging.

Winston Churchill quote about change

So, I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to do. I love this blog and I want to keep it going, but I have limited time to work on it if I’m going to be pushing out a podcast episode every week.

I’ve finally decided that I will keep VeganSpin going, but I’m going to narrow the focus to just food. I’ve always wanted to make e-cookbooks and get back to better quality pictures for my recipes. Focusing strictly on food will allow me to keep up with posting regularly over here, and will help facilitate an income stream from this blog at some point (which gets me a step closer to my dream of being a full-time blogger/podcaster!). So, come to expect a LOT more easy vegan gluten-free recipes, updates about food news around the country, product recommendations and restaurant reviews.

I need a few more weeks to get cranking, so things will be quiet around here for a little bit longer, but I will be back. I appreciate everyone’s patience as I get things sorted and hope that you all enjoy the focused direction that VeganSpin is headed in! I have big plans for some very cool ebooks in the future, and in the meantime I’ll be creating easy but impressive recipes that are accessible to everyone to post here on the blog for free.

For those of you who enjoy my more personal posts or my non food-related content, please consider following us over on Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack!. We’re going to start an advice column and some blog posts on there soon, and the podcast itself contains a lot of things that I would have previously written about over here.

Thank you all for your support and I’ll see you back here in a few weeks!

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Sunday Funny: When Dogs Learn to Text

My friend Erlinde just posted this amazingness up on Facebook, it was a perfect read for an afternoon break at work:

Texts from Your Dog

I don’t know what it is about the idea of a dog typing “omfg” but it’s killing me right now. I wish this were a real thing. And Snowy definitely looks like bad news, haha.

These are only three favorites of many. See them all here:

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STACKED: A project to teach kids to feed the world out of a bus!

Hi friends! I wanted to take time today to tell you about a project that a friend of mine, Jonathan Zaidman, is doing with his organization, The 1to1 Movement.

The project is called STACKED, and it’s one of the coolest ideas evah! Instead of yammering on about it, I’ll let this informative graphic do the talking for me (click on the image to make it larger):

STACKED Project Overview

As you can see, STACKED is planning to make sustainability education mobile. The idea of repurposing a really cool old bus to run on bio-diesel and be a rolling lab of learning for kids makes me ecstatic.

Rebuilding Communal Learning

I truly feel that we’ve lost something in this country. We’ve lost a sense of community, and the tradition of passing things down to our children. I know a lot of my friends’ parents didn’t teach them how to cook or do laundry, and a lot of my friends with kids now feel burnt out and stressed, so it’s easier to just do things themselves than teach their kids how. This means that we’re not ingraining these things into our children, and then they grow up to be people who are afraid to cook, afraid to fail, afraid to try.

I love the idea that this magical bus could roll up to schools all over Southern California and get kids’ hands in the dirt, get them seeing life spring from a seed, to feel like magicians because they’ve done something they thought impossible, or never thought about at all. It’s proven that when you allow kids to participate in the process, they become more open and engaged.

Kids care. A LOT. I have a lot of friends who work with children, and my teacher friends are bad-asses. They tell kids about pollution, our food-system, the dangers of consumerism, the truth about why they are vegan. And guess what? Their kids are riveted. They care. They want to know more. They want to help.

Donate to the Bus!

If you are like me and you think this is an amazing project, please consider making a donation to help 1to1 bring this dream to life. I have a STACKED fundraiser page over on, go check it out!

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