Unity the Movie: Like Earthlings, For Humans!

So, I saw Unity the other night and lasted through 37 whole minutes before Brian and I had to hightail it out of there.

Unity by Specicast

I’ve never seen Earthlings, and for good reason. I’m a sensitive person and I’m already vegan. Reading about the atrocities that happen to animals was damaging enough, seeing it would be too much. I know people that that movie has scarred for life. I know it has made a lot of people go vegan and so I’m totally fine with it existing. I just don’t need to see it.

Unwittingly, I went to Unity knowing that it was made by the same writer and producer, but thinking it was a more hopeful, less graphic film. I was wrong. The opening shot is of two cows about to be slaughtered. Though nothing gory is shown, what is shown is immeasurably worse. Both stters are scared. One gets prodded through the gate and is bolted behind a door. You can’t see his death, but you can hear him fall. The second steer, terrified, keeps trying to back up in the narrow shoot that they have him in, trying in a wide-eyed panic to turn around but it’s too narrow. It’s literally the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Of course, even after his desperate struggle, he ends up shuttled into the slaughterhouse where we hear him get bolted and see his body drop through a sliver in the gate.

From there, the film launched into scene after scene of brutality, mostly involving humans, while some nonsensical new age bullshit spewed on the screen, voiced by a million different actors who, per the disclaimer at the beginning of the movie, don’t even necessarily believe in anything they’re saying anyway. Scenes of war, hangings, executions. Children screaming covered in blood. All the bad that humanity has ever wrought, in scene after scene after scene. It felt like a brainwashing, cult movie.

I’ve heard some people loved it and found it life-changing and are encouraging others to go. I’m here to at least let you know what you’re getting into. I don’t like when people trick others into watching Earthlings, and I won’t be a part of tricking people into watching Unity either.

I’m sure the movie, perhaps, got more hopeful by the end but I physically and emotionally could not stand to get there. I know others would disagree with me, but I do not think world change is going to come by those of us who are so sensitive and already trying to make change stewing in the ugliness of events we can’t control.

So, if you see Unity, see it with forewarning. It’s like Earthlings, but for humans.

Yummari Endurance Nuggets Snack Review

Yummari contacted me to try out their “endurance nuggets” – I can’t if that name is gross or adorable – and after looking at the ingredients online I said “YES!”

Yummari Flavors

They sent me this beautiful box of goodies and I proceeded to eat them over the next few days for fuel to get through an EcoFeminist conference (which was not as feminist as I hoped). I’m not doing much intense exercise nowadays (fibromyalgia has me in it’s grips so gentle yoga has been my jam lately) but I used to do the occasional 5-15K, so I felt qualified enough to judge these babies on taste as well as a source of workout energy.

Yummari Endurance Nuggets Flavors

I forgot to get a picture of what the actual balls look like, but they show them on the Yummari site. They look like what you’d expect from an energy ball made of chia seeds, oats and hemp seeds – in other words, like hippie food. They are a very large mouthful, or a comfortable two or three bites, perfect for eating on the (literal) go.

I loved all the flavors and could definitely tell this would be a good energy source. The endurance nuggets have a great mix of protein, fats, fiber and sugar – exactly the kind of quick and slow energy you need while running, biking or hiking. They are also gluten-free, vegan, organic and peanut-free. Each endurance nugget has 130-140 calories, 5 grams protein, 6 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of fiber.

My favorite flavor was the coffee. The chocolate chip was good but I was hoping it would have a more rich chocolate taste, I would have preferred some dark chocolate chips/chunks to the chocolate liquor chips. The banana was my least favorite but only because bananas and I have a complicated relationship – I often like them best when I can’t taste them, it’s very dysfunctional ;P

Yummari Endurance Nugget Coffee Flavor

Where to Buy

You can buy Yummari Endurance Nuggets to fuel your workouts and activities by purchasing them online only right now. If you are someone who needs good sources of quick energy, this is a product I’d recommend.

Yummari Crowdfunding

Yummari is trying to raise money for their non-GMO Project Verification and B-Corp certification. As someone with a lot of friends who are marathoners, I think it’s important that a product like this be available to as many people as possible. I’m appalled at the gels that my friends consume that are made of who-knows-what and that, admittedly, make my friends feel sick most of the time. These endurance nuggets are a good source of energy without the crazy chemicals and additives in the mainstream gels and snacks used by most runners.

To help them out, go to: https://www.plumalley.co/campaigns/yummari. They are so close to their goal, please consider contributing what you can!

ENLIGHTENED Broad Bean Crisps Snack Review

I was the very lucky recipient of a box of snacks:

Enlightened Broad Bean Snacks All Flavors

Beyond Better Foods sent me full size samples of their ENLIGHTENED broad bean crisps in all flavors, and the timing could not have been better, as I had to travel a few times soon after receiving them. ENLIGHTENED crisps, marketed as “The Good-For-You Crisp”, are roasted broad beans (also known as fava beans) in various flavors, such as wasabi and barbeque. These babies pack a wallop, with 7 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber in each small serving. They are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and soy-free.

All the flavors were very good, the wasabi and sriracha had a good kick without being insanely spicy, and the others were all mild but tasty. I was nervous about the garlic and onion flavor, if it would be too strong, but it was delicious without being overly pungent. I might not eat that one on a plane but I wasn’t too worried snacking on a few before I went to meet friends either.

Enlightened Broad Bean Snacks Original Flavor

They are great for traveling (as you can see from the picture above, I was munching them on during an overnight flight to Austin), since they have so much fiber and protein, they make for a great snack you can throw in your bag that doesn’t take up a lot of space but has a lot of nutrition in such a small package. I ate these and drank hot tea and felt as good as you can feel on an overnight flight!

I’m not much of a snacker but this is something I can get behind. If you need high-energy snacks for traveling or just to get you through your day, ENLIGHTENED broad bean crisps are a good bet.

Discount Code

Beyond Better Foods is offering free shipping on their ENLIGHTENED crisps sampler packs right now for their summer sale, just use discount code “SPILLTHEBEANS” during checkout!